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the art of imagination
in design

we believe that your space should be a true reflection of your unique personality and style. With our team of talented architects and designers, we turn dreams into realities, transforming houses into homes and spaces into experiences.


We are passionate about design in every sense – from architectural marvels that redefine skylines to the intricate details that make your living room feel like a cozy haven. Our portfolio includes a diverse range of projects, from residential to commercial, contemporary to classic. We don’t just design spaces; we craft experiences.

Our Passion for Design

Step into a realm where architecture defies convention and interiors are a canvas for immersive art. Our projects are unparalleled, awe-inspiring, and etched in memory.

We don't limit ourselves to designing structures; we sculpt possibilities. From conceptualization to realization, we breathe life into innovation.

Your dreams are our inspiration. We craft designs that mirror your aspirations with the finesse of an artisan and the precision of an architect.

Our portfolio is a testament to the extraordinary, the distinctive, and the daring. Get ready for an inspiring journey.

We aren't merely architects; we are visionaries. Join us in reshaping the future of design.

Come, join us, and together, let's turn your dreams into architectural wonders.

Unlock the Door to Exceptional Services


  • Space Planning
  • Conceptual Layouts-2D
  • 3D Designing
  • Construction Drawings Including Site Survey, MEP, HVAC and structural drawings
  • Construction Management
  • Architectural Renovation


  • Conceptual Layouts
  • Furniture Layouts
  • 3D Designing
  • Execution Drawings
  • Designs Supporting Smart Home
  • Solutions (Home Automation, Centralised Air Conditioning etc.)
  • Lighting Design
  • Interior Styling


  • Space Planning
  • Landscape & Hardscape
  • 3D Designing
  • Execution
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Years of Experience in Interior Field

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Happy Customers Around The World

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“At White Stairs, we’re your one-stop destination for exceptional architectural, interior, and landscape design. From optimizing spaces to crafting immersive 3D designs, we bring your vision to life with precision and style. Contact us to transform your spaces today.”

Our Recent Portfolio

Madhapur, Hyderabad.
Lush Cafe | By the Lake
Harithavanam Colony, Bahadurpally, Hyderabad.
Mr. Chaitanya Residence
Miyapur, Bahadurpally, Hyderabad.
Sai Krishna Residency

Optimistic Team Member

This team embodies a relentless unity that transforms dreams into reality. Together, they are an unwavering force, destined for extraordinary achievements.

Shravya Donepudi
Amer Sohail
Salman Bashoeb
Project Manager
Nandini Dhanraj
John Vadde
Design Architect

What Our Customers Says About Us !

Designers at WhiteStairs Architects are exceptional! They transformed my home into a perfect reflection of my style, creating a beautiful and functional space. I highly recommend them for their outstanding work.

Mr.Salman Shaik

Lush by the Lake represents designer's exceptional vision and creativity. The dry tropical theme, brilliantly executed, creates an urban oasis—a visual masterpiece seamlessly combining nature and artistry for those who appreciate exceptional ambiance and creative design

Mr. Sagar